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Extreme Temps in North Dakota

Posted in Life in these United States on February 21, 2007 by Sarah

The weather is kind of crazy in Bismarck, North Dakota. Last Monday, it was snowing like a blizzard and this week – we’re at an all time high of 42 degrees! I’ve got major SPRING FEVER! As soon as Sam downloads some video and pictures, I’ll post them. I remember this summer as my family came to visit and temps for the whole summer were well-above average at 105 and higher. My mom and dad (from VA) and my brother and sister-in-law (from FL) said that ND was the HOTTEST place they’ve ever been to! I remembered that as we had weeks this winter where highs hardly got to -10(negative), where ND is the COLDEST place I’ve ever been to – where all kinds of crazy extremes exist!


Red Lodge, Montana with 30 Jr. Highers!!!!

Posted in Charity Youth Events on February 20, 2007 by Sarah

Whew, well that ski trip is over. Another successful run down the slopes in MT. No one got hurt and that is good! We got back at 2am on Monday morning and were exhausted. We got to sleep in till 10:30am and that doesn’t happen too often. We had a good time though. We left at 4pm Central time on Friday night and ran into a couple of accidents on the way, but finally pulled into Red Lodge at 1am Mountain time that night. Long day. Then Saturday, we got a few runs down the slopes. It was so beautiful! 40 degrees – hasn’t been that warm since December around here. Even the beginners were having a good time! Got down the Lazy M in only 10 minutes this time – I’m improving!!! Sam was skiing this time instead of boarding and he was flying! That night we had a good time visiting the Pizza Company for all you can eat pizza and walking around the little town of Red Lodge ending in the Candy Emporium! Needless to say, the rest of the night was wild with kids hyped up on sugar! But we had some games and Sam talked to the students about reaching out to others who seem a little lonlier. It was a good time. We ended that night with all the boys, and some girls, jumping in the snow and rolling around and then warming up in the hot tub! Sunday, the weather was just as nice and suprisingly, everyone went skiing all day!!! We were an exhausted bus ride home!