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Just one more now that I have the hang of it!

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Nevermind how bad I look, North Dakota can get hot!

Tonto looked so ferocious in that last picture, I’ve got to show you what a mellow yellow he is!


The last of winter!

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The Coleman’s on a walk by the river.

Here is another little winter scene with our family down by the river!

Well, I was going to add pictures to our actual skiing blogs, but….

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Sam and I on top of Big Sky Mountain!

It took me forever to get the pictures off of Sam’s computer and on to mine! So let’s see if this works…

More Weather updates….

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RECORD BREAKING DAY yesterday! 81 degrees! Oh by the way, You’ll be happy to know that Sam’s art show went well – he didn’t sell his $4500 picture, I don’t mind, I love it and want to keep it in my house as long as possible. But it would be nice to have some extra $$. Anyway, he did win the People’s Choice for the show on his picture of his little brother, Charlie and a lamb. So that’s really cool. He’s been in two pretty big shows and won People’s Choice both times!!! Yay for Sam!


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I just changed the look of our page to show you where exactly we want to be right now!

It’s so sad that most of my blogs are referring to the weather….

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Well, yesterday was the first day of spring. It’s been consistently in the 40’s and 50’s during the day and all the snow has melted. So, I guess Spring has sprung in the TUNDRA! While most of you are sitting back, looking out your windows and enjoying daffodils (maybe they’re already done!) and azaleas about to come out, we are hoping that our flowers lived from last year. We’ve got so many plans for this summer – picket fences, arbors and MORE plants. I don’t know if most of you know that when we moved into our house, we had NO landscaping. So we’ve had to start from scratch! It’s been fun though.We’re hoping to have enough tomatoes this year to even get one batch of salsa out of them! Always hoping! Let’s see other than that, Sam’s got a big art show this weekend. For the last year, he’s been part of a planning team to get a Christian based art show in Bismarck. It’s finally come to fruition. So the opening is tonight. Tomorrow, they have a day of education where the parochial schools are coming to classes with individual artists. The show will be open to the public starting tomorrow at noon. Then tomorrow night, Sam will be part of the quick draw with 6 other artists. They will have to start with a blank canvas, then have a completed piece in one hour, including framing! It’s quite fun to watch! Meanwhile, people are walking around and commenting the whole time. Then those pieces will be auctioned along with several other pieces in a live auction that will benefit a new half-way house here in town. Sam has 2 pictures in the show, 2 in the live auction and 1 in the silent auction. It’ll be a fun,but very busy weekend! We’ve even got an artist from Nebraska coming up to stay with us. So pray that the weekend is a success. Everyone has put so much time and effort into making it really professional and there are so many incredible pieces of art! May God be glorified!

Ski Season is over!

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Well, it’s true. I survived. I never thought it would have happened, but I actually went skiing at a real mountain. Ok, just because I stayed mostly on Green circles still gives me the right to say I skied a real mountain. Luckily this particular mountain has a tram that goes all the way to the top – and the best part is, it’ll bring you back too! 🙂 We get to experience the beauty of God’s amazing creation without the terror that goes along with skiing down the hugest mountain I’ve been on in America! Had a couple of good wipe-outs. Thank God for helmets! My favorite wipe-out was one of Sam’s actually. We were going down this hill with a couple of our friends and we skied ahead and were waiting. I was stopped and standing still while Sam was kind of skiing right in front of me and starring at me the whole time. Well, as soon as he stopped, he totally fell over! It was so amateur, I told him that’s what he gets for looking at a girl! Well, we got back to ND and guess what? The snow has melted!! Nevermind that there are about 6 inch puddles all around, we get to see the dirt! Yesterday highs were in the 70’s! Who would’ve guessed? God is good to me! I’m not holding my breath that Spring has really sprung, but I have a hope!