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“Our little house on the Hill”

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One more picture from the Badlands, thought I’d share. Turns out I don’t have as many pictures from my house as I thought.


Here is part of our 2nd year flower garden. These are basically the only plants we planted last year!


Here is our little house, the front of it anyway!

P.S. I know some of you were concerned, but don’t worry, my carpets are still as dirty as ever and I had the most relaxing afternoon/evening! 😉


Well, here I am, with a load of pictures!

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Well, here are some Elk that we sneaked (snook?) up on… Amazing. No horns yet, too early in the year, but my Amazon husband says they were doe’s anyway. Whatever, sometimes I think he just feeds me this stuff because he knows I get impressed with him! 😉


Here was a crazy buffalo eating right on the side of the road and didn’t care one single bit that I was taking pictures of him! These beasts never seem to amaze me, no matter how often I see them!


What can I say, the Badlands are beautiful in the Spring!


This was first thing in the morning, it was so beautiful, and when the “inspiration” hits, better run with it! That’s what I’ve learned! Please take note that he is painting an 8X10 and not a honking huge 2 ft X 4 ft canvas, we are learning!!!

 Well, I’ll post this one and then do a separate one for the house! It might take all day and then it’d be really disturbing considering how much time I’ve spent on it already!

Well, some (actually one) picture from the Badlands!

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I’m kind of having a tough time getting pictures from one computer to the other… Maybe I’ll just… anyway, I don’t know what I’m doing. It’s official, it’s been raining for a long time here. I know it’s good for the flowers and garden, not to even mention the Farmers/Ranchers, but frankly, it gets a little depressing in the mean time. But, I’d rather have rain so that our plants have an opportunity to get their roots established… I’ve decided I can’t live in Washington State. It’d be too hard on my mind! But I have pictures ready to put on here to give you a pictoral update of our lives, just a matter of overcoming one small obstacle called technology! 🙂 I’ll work on it today.

I didn’t actually think I’d survive this past weekend. But I did. But just barely! After attending 8 open houses on Saturday alone, (including Johnny’s) I did decide that fasting was definitely an option for me! 😉 Then Sunday, we had one more open house, then the actual graduation, a little family time and got Sam all packed for 30+ people to tent in Canada. I was actually looking forward to 4 days to myself. So far, that hasn’t happened. On Monday, after everyone left at 10am, I went home and laid down again, only to get up at 1pm and not to get back home until midnight! Then off to work on Tuesday and out and busy until 10:30 last night. Did get to mow half the yard and plant a couple more annuals. Let’s see, today, it’s pouring rain and I’m very excited about spending some time to myself since Sam returns tomorrow afternoon, even though my Mother-in-law wants to rent a carpet shampoo-er and come over and spend the afternoon shampoo-ing carpets. I don’t think that is going to happen! Have a little meeting tonight and work again in the morning, what the heck happened to “Sarah’s Week of Fun”? or whatever it was suppose to be called! Oh well. I’ll make up for it this afternoon! 🙂

Well, here is one lonely picture of our badlands trip, I’ll put more on here of our yard, fence and flowers…. whenever I get it all figured out! Happy Wednesday to you!

New Art!

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Check out the new picture that Sam put on his website by clicking Sam’s Art under my links on here…. It’s one of my favorites! If you don’t already get his updates!

So much for being bored….

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The Lord is so good to me – WAY MORE THAN I DESERVE!! I guess this is a daily recognition for me. I’m constantly humbled at how He takes care of me. The days last week that I had to stay in due to my surgery were rainy and cold. Then I got home and the days progressively got better. It was good. Sam would have gone crazy, but he did get some art done while he was in taking care of me. When it got nicer outside, he moved out and started planting the veggie garden and fixing things up here and there, I would just go out and sit and watch him and talk to him, then when I got tired, I just went back inside and had little catnaps. I had a couple of picnics and Wednesday services last week. Praise the Lord, with such quick healing, I was able to go to all of them…. and with a lot of rest during the day! On Tuesday, I took the steri-strips off and my incinsion is healing up really nice! I was suprised!! My neck and shoulders have been kind of sore, I was hunching them a little to keep the pressure off of the front of my neck because it was pulling. So I’ll be happy to get back to the chiropractor! But other than that, I’m nearly 100% back!

Sam and I took some time this past Sunday night to head out to the Badlands to go camping and hiking. It’s getting to be Tourist Season in North Dakota, whatever that means! But the one Tourist town, Medora, does actually get a lot of activity, so we stopped at our Galleries to see who had wall space to bring some pictures. While we were out there, Sam actually painted 3 plein air paintings, they were all small! It was so nice. He just found such a great spot and just sat there and painted! He’s getting so much faster and better, I think! So I’m really excited that he’s getting some smaller originals done. They’ll be so much more affordable! Then we took a hike into the Theodore Roosevelt National Park and saw about 20 Elk right away and then later, two buffalo that acted like they hadn’t seen people in a while! It was awe-inspiring! I’ve never seen Elk like that so close… I just asked Sam, but he hasn’t downloaded the pictures yet, hopefully I’ll get some yet! We did get to see some antelope and of course – Prairie Dogs! (Oh, and thanks to Tonto, lots of jack-rabbits!)

Now. For my most exciting news of the day – I am an official card carrying member of the BISMARCK/MANDAN GARDEN CLUB! Sam and I went last night and we weren’t sure if we wanted to join, but the membership was only $10/year and included garden tours all summer long! So we went ahead and joined, and let me tell you, I haven’t had so much fun since the day before!!!!!!!!! We sat there for an entire plant auction, which, might I add, started at 25 cents a peice!!! It’s was tons of fun! We spent $15 total on plants that we never paid more than $1 for individually! So you can imagine how much planting we have to do! Oh, and I can’t believe I almost forgot! When we signed up to be members, we got little tickets for a door prize – and guess who won, NO! NOT SAM – ME!!!!!! I won a hanging basket of petunias from a ritzy plant store here in town! So that definitely paid for my membership, if not half of Sam’s! It was so much fun!! Anyway, this has probably gone on long enough. I’ll see if I can get some pictures up. Last week our tulips had ended so I didn’t take pictures of our yard, but as soon as something starts blooming again, I’ll get pictures up!

Have a fabulous week!

Post Surgical Update…

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Howdy friends and family! I’m doing well. The surgery took place on Thursday morning at 7:30am. I had to be there at 6am. I was out like a light, luckily I didn’t sleep that well the night before, so I’m not even sure they needed anesthesia! Nice little nap on Thursday morning…. Then I couldn’t really sleep all day in the hospital, and on a side note, can we say, TV is NOT all it’s cracked up to be! There wasn’t very much on… But I had a couple visitors…. Anyway, then slept a little that night and got out as soon as possible on Friday morning. I’ve been pretty sore and kind of tired, especially in the middle of the day. But each day, I’ve been getting considerably better and that’s awesome. All praise to the Father for a quick recovery! I hope to get some pictures on here sometime during the week of our yard, for now…. a little nappy!

I was informed…

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…that people DO actually read this blog – imagine that!! I feel honored, seriously, I know that there are TONS of other things you could be doing with your time, like taking care of two little ones, Lori. Thanks. I thought I’d write a quick note about my surgery tomorrow. I’m still not sure on the time, but I do know it’s confirmed! Ahhh, it’s a little scary. Sam is worried that when the time comes for Christians not to be able to buy/sell, that we won’t be able to get any medicine and then, who knows what will happen to me?! Goodness gracious. I told him to TRUST THE LORD. I told him that I’d just have to join the other millions of people who take Thyroid Hormone! I don’t know if that helped, but oh well….

We finally got our garden fence painted, it’s so cute – a little picket fence. It makes our garden look much more inviting than it is. But the tulips are up in front and make it so homey! Now, if we can get the fence up in the front before the fam arrives! That will be our next goal. We did put in a new flower bed and this past weekend, went to a perrenial exchange, that was more like a perrenial gift to the Colemans! It was awesome. Anyway, we came home with a bunch more free plants to add to our ever-growing gardens. Let me tell you – this is the first year I’ve seen our Lilac bloom, actually, any lilac bloom in ND! I’m so excited, I’ve got boquets of them cut and in all major rooms of the house, they smell like Heaven, I’m sure of it! I want to cut some to take to some people. I want to be able to do that with all of our flowers….

Let’s see, what else is going on? Well, we only have two more Wednesday nights before that is over for the summer. Tonight, we are taking the Senior High to my in-laws to have a bon-fire and canoe, it should be really fun, except that I HATE ticks! And they are out in full-force! Poor Tonto! Next week, we are doing Tie-Dye, pretty excited about that too!

The Coleman’s are getting ready for Johnny’s graduation, all the home improvements are well under way. We’ve got 2 weeks and that’s it! Right after that, on May 28-31, Sam heads up to Canada’s Riding Mountain State Park. It’s so beautiful up there, I wish I was going to, but alas, the busyness of home calls! Not really, but I thought I’d use that time wisely to straighten my house, get it in order, and unpack boxes that have been sitting there for a year and a half (or longer)! It’s going to be titled “Sarah’s Time!” And I’m actually looking forward to it.  I do get to go camping for a week later in July in the Boundary Waters of MN and Canada. REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO THAT! But anyway, that should get you caught up through May. I’m sure next week, I’ll be so bored that I’ll write more about how the surgery went, but for now Please PRAY for me, the dr.  and Sam! Thank you. I’m honored to have such loyal friends and family!