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PS. There are some birthday’s I want to bring up….

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A Happy Belated Birthday to my good friend Bethers in Philly, PA. Her birthday was June 15 and I hope she had a good one – I was thinking about ya Bethers! Beth is a great and faithful reader of the Sam and Sarah blog and also a very faithful “commenter.” She’s just great fun and I’m so honored to be her friend!

And my cousin Jenny – her b-day is coming up this weekend July 1! She lives in Australia with her husband Ant and two little boys – Luke and Zac – So I just wanted to wish her a Happy Birthday also!!!


Guess who is back?!

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Well, per your request, I will get some more pictures on here, but I’ll just have to get them off of Sam’s computer! Well, my mom and Noreen are off on the end of their journey, heading to Mt. Rushmore this afternoon, then off to Iowa, St. Louis, and Louisville, KY. Good for them. We had a really good time while they were here. We did all kinds of wonderful touristy stuff!

But let me back up a bit. Last Wednesday, June 20, we left for Fargo with 3 students for a Youth Conference. It was great actually. We had so much going on with our carpet and it seemed like everything else. Then my mom was coming the very day we would get back, and it just seemed like everything was so rushed. I was making meals for this past week at midnight last Tuesday and we were frantically trying to get the house back in order. It seemed like the worse timing ever. Plus, we only had 3 students. But we were signed up and deposit confirmed, so we couldn’t really back out. We finally got on the road and since it was just Fargo, we decided we could come back early if it was an annoying conference. But we headed out and what was really nice is that we had a super laid back group of kids. It was already starting to be a relaxing week. There was actually nothing we could do, so we just sat back and enjoyed the drive. Once we got there, the ralley’s started, and it was  a little shaky – not as many people as I thought would there and kind of interesting. We stayed on NDSU campus, but they had a lot planned. It turned out to be a really good week of seeking the Lord and resting in Him. We did do quite a bit, but we had a really good time. The Lord really blessed us. Then we got back around 3pm and Mom and her friend Noreen got there around 9:30pm. So we even had a little while to finish some last minute projects before they got there…

It was really good to see them. On Monday, we just did some stuff around town…nothing too exciting, but we did go to the Heritage Museum which gives a really good over view of ND in general, so that was good. Then on Tuesday, that was our “Nature” day. Noreen didn’t like that day too much (she was exposed to ND wonderful parasite – the TICK!) So she had a hard day. But then we headed out to Medora on Wednesday and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect! We prayed that we’d be able to find some animals and God is so gracious to open up the opportunity for us to be in the very midst of a herd of buffalo that were in the middle of rutting season – so we got to see them snorting and growling and the males were charging one another and doing some fighting. It was absolutely amazing! Then there was a long drive back, so we had a really late night, but totally worth it! Then on Thursday, we went along some of the Lewis and Clark trail and visited some of the sights along the way! We got to try on buffalo robes and take a peak inside Fort Mandan where the Expedition stayed for 5 months over the winter of 1804-1805!

Mom brought us a bunch more flowers, but we sent her home with some as well! We are still busy planting – getting closer and closer to the cut off date for any more planting. Hopefully we can get all of our plants in the ground where we want them before Fall hits! 🙂 Just kidding. It will still be a while. We’ve had a couple of hot days, but nothing so far in comparison to last summer.

Well, here it is, Friday June 29th, and we have a weekend to rest up till the 3rd and 4th of July comes when we dip ice cream for 10 hours a day for a fund raiser! Mandan Drug will be setting up a booth and giving our Youth an opportunity to scoop ice cream, it’s really fun, although suprisingly difficult. You could never imagine how hard that ice cream an be when you first open it up – and how soupy it gets in 90 degree weather once you have the freezer open for a long time – pretty gross!

Anyway, life is good – for the most part – sometimes do you know how when it rains, it really does pour? We have been having crazy things going on with our house and animals that make life really mundane. For instance, just today, it’s my first day back to work in almost two weeks, right before we left home, Tonto (the dog) takes off who knows where. He doesn’t run very often anymore and he’s taken to coming home on his own. It’s kind of scary though. Last time he came home, he had a rope tied around his neck like someone was trying to tie him up. So anyway, he takes off this morning and we went driving around looking for him and couldn’t find him. So usually someone always calls, but it’s so frustrating… Anyway, Sam dropped me off at work and then called me about half an hour later. He said this guy just called and said that it looked like our dog was shot because there was blood all over his chest. He did say that he was sitting up, but still…. Ahhh…. So Sam was almost home when he called and I was just sick. Then he called back after he’d seen Tonto and said that he seemed to be doing ok but that he did have dried blood all over his chest. The guy said that his neighbor runs a trap line right behind his house and he thought that Tonto had been shot with a shot gun. But then Sam cleaned him up and noticed that he did have blood on him but that he didn’t have any wounds. It’s just kind of the icing on the cake to what’s been going on lately. I’m not sure exactly, but maybe you can pray that the Lord will reveal His will in the break down of our carpet, water heater, cat started peeing on random beds, this thing with Tonto and just a lot of other things. It seems like more than just routine maintainence things. I know I don’t even have the right to think of Job in these situations because Job had it a lot worse, we’ve got our families still, our jobs, our health. But I just don’t know. Pray that we would remain faithful in even the smallest of inconveniences of life; that the Lord’s light would shine through us no matter what circumstances come into our life and that we can learn from them and be a living example of God’s faithfulness! Well, I should go. But have a great end of June and beginning of July! I’ll check back a little later! Blessings to you all!

Well, I don’t know…

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when I’ll have a chance to write again, we’re headed to Fargo tomorrow and then my mom and friend Noreen will be here on Sunday for the week…. Will keep you posted!

Breathe… In…. and Out…..

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The world is becoming a lot friendlier place now…. I was overwhelmed there for a couple days and having a rough time… But now, I’ve got a grip! The weather is absolutely perfect, we are reaching the LAST NIGHT of Vacation Bible School. It’s hard to have something like that going every single night of the week. But 5 nights later, I’m happy to see it coming to a close. It’s been fun though – Wahoo! The theme is Avalanche Ranch and we’ve had lots of great Bible themes – God is Real! Wahoo! God is With Us! Wahoo! God is Strong! Wahoo! God is Awesome! Wahoo! In case you haven’t noticed, everytime we hear the theme, we get to woop it up and scream WAHOO! It’s been very high-energy and I’m pretty sure I have the best group there! Wahoo!

Our yard is coming along. It looks really beautiful right now, such a sanctuary. Our house… another story. We do have a little less than a week to get that into some sort of shape before our guests arrive…. I’m afraid El Gato is getting used to the jungle he needs to crawl through to reach his latrine. (“El Gato” is now the official name of our cat when he’s being bad. He’s still “Kitty” when he’s nice and cute!) So we just have to get things cleaned up a little and re-organized… although I have put a call into the Home Insurance peeps to see what our deductible, can any of you read through your policy and actually understand it? I can’t. So maybe we’ll have insurance replace it, but I know it won’t be in the next week. So we’ve got to get things moved around a bit.  Home ownership is quite the adventure, that’s what we’re learning! But I’m sure it beats renting… (That’s what I keep telling myself anyway!)

Let’s see, what else is going on… Sam had an opportunity to do some painting at a Bar Association Conference yesterday. They were having an Art Observation Day or something. We didn’t get to sell anything, but I guess several people took his card and he got to talk to a few people. That’s always promising, but it seems kind of hard and like a waste of time when you spend a whole afternoon, that could be well spent painting the new chair rail moulding, or something like that… At least he got to work on a piece that he started a while ago. There is no hope of him painting in our Ghetto House right now. He can barely even find his studio, much less supplies!

Thyroid. It’s healing well. Before long, you won’t even be able to see the scar. I didn’t take any pictures. I’m a bad recorder of my life, but frankly, it’s one part that I don’t mind forgetting. When I was in the hospital,  I was reading the menu, and it said, “For a Souvenir Menu, call x. 3879” or whatever – who wants a Souvenir Menu from the Hospital?! Give me a break!!!!

Did I tell you we had a fishing tournament. I rarely go back and read my blog’s, so I can’t remember what I keep you up on. Anyway, just a re-cap. We have an Annual Charity Family Fishing Day. It’s a lot of fun. Everyone gets teams together and we go out and fish for a whole day and come back for some crazy prizes, biggest fish, most poundage of fish, biggest non-game fish, smallest fish, best fish story – All kinds of stuff! Anyway, poor Sam… Should I say any more? Well, ok. He has the hardest time catching fish! He wants to catch them so desperately and I think that’s his first problem! By lunch, we had already caught 6 Walleye between 3 of us, and Sam was bound and determined to catch one too. I think he has his hook out of the water more often than in by changing the lures and hooks… I’m not really sure what he does…. Anyway, finally, he was ready for some lunch, so we had PB&J and he had the rod at this really weird angle over his head as he bites into his sandwhich and just then, he got a fish! I thought he was going to have to jump out of the boat just to land it, he was so excited jumping up with this PB&J sticking out of his mouth! Then he gets it to the boat, I’m such a supportive wife that I put my pole down and grab the net, encouraging him the whole time that he caught a fish, and he pulls it up a little as I scoop it and I realized…. “Honey, look, you caught a Skip Jack!” (One of the most disappointing fish to catch as it is a disgusting non-game fish!) But hey, he caught a fish!! Yea for Sam! Before the day was over, he caught 3 more Walleye, the other 3 of us had caught 4 each! But a big rain storm came in and squashed the rest of our fun, we only 5 more to catch for the limit – oh well! It was quite the day! Then we went back and had a great fish fry! We had about 50 or 60 people, so it was great fun. We had about 10 families camping out on Friday night and Saturday night, and then one of our pastors did the service on Sunday morning! It was a great time to just get away!

Well, I’m assuming this is going long enough. I’d better wrap things up. You might have the dinner bell ringing in your heads! Well, so long for now, until we meet again!

It’s been quite the week, let me tell you….

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Well, where do I begin? How about Monday….seems like a pretty good place to start! Well. Sam got this opportunity to maybe perhaps be commissioned to do a painting of this guy’s land. So…he let us go out and look around take pictures, then Sam will go through his pictures and come up with some of the better ones, take them to him, and they’ll discuss exactly what Sam is suppose to do. So this was kind of a preliminary art trip. Well, he and his wife weren’t out there, so he gave Sam the keys and directions and we were off to the Badlands once again! Well, this guy also happens to be the CEO of our major Electric Comp. here. So I was figuring that this would be a pretty nice “Cabin,” but I didn’t want to get my hopes up. Anyway, he says for the directions, go through the park, then go North about 3 miles and you should see the cabin up on a hill and then make the next left. You have to park the car, walk across a bridge and there is a pick-up on the other side, Use that to drive up to the house. So I was driving along, and in the Park, it’s awesome, because you get to see Buffalo, Elk, Antelope, we saw a porcupine, tons of Prairie Dogs… Then we headed North out of the Park and I was cruising along. Then all of a sudden, I’m like, Oh look, there’s the pick-up. And then Sam says, Oh my Gosh! And I said, What, did I miss the Cabin, oh man, I wanted to see it on the hill, I can’t believe I missed it! Then we turn the corner and I had another opportunity to see it – Oh my Gosh! is probably pretty mild to what we actually saw – a huge lodge sitting on top of one of the highest Buttes with nothing but God’s amazing Creation surrounding it! Didn’t see another house for miles! And we get to stay there all by ourselves! Well, we pull in and I figured we had to walk across a little foot bridge that was kind of ricketty and that’s why we couldn’t drive, but when we got there, turns out, we had to walk across a 40ft high SUSPENSION BRIDGE that was approx. 350 ft long! Only about 3 ft wide!! It was CRAZY – kind of scary, but totally fun! Then anyway, we jump in the pick-up and drive up to the house and it was an old Ranch house, we walk in, and it was beautiful! Every single window, and there were a lot of them had an amazing vista. It was incredible! I’ll have to put up pictures, you can’t really understand without seeing them! So the next day, he told us that there were 4-Wheelers in the garage, so help ourselves, we can drive all over his 2200 acres of property and just make ourselves at home!!!!! It was amazing… So Sam took about 700 pictures and painted two small paintings, it was the best day ever. Unfortunately I had to be back Wed. morning for Dr. follow up appt so we couldn’t stay. But he tells us to come and use it anytime! Hopefully we’ll be able to do that… I have some more thoughts on that particular land, but I’m running out of time, so I’ll save them for when I post some pictures!

Now for Wed. I had a good follow up appt with the Surgeon. He says my incinsion will heal nicely as long as I don’t get it sunburned. He said that if I had 3 necks, he could have found a way to hide it, but since I have a skinny neck, it’s really important that I don’t get it sunburned so that it will heal. Thanks, I think…. 🙂

Thursday…. our crazy small group is still meeting. We actually went to McGlaughlin, SD on Sunday to do an Art Day with the kids down there…. It was really fun. We did tye-die t-shirts and jewelry making, wallets for the boys, painted a mural on the wall. It was great fun! Anyway, they were coming over last night to meet again, and we’ve been so busy, that we haven’t even been home much. So I went downstairs to turn on the lights and get it all homey, when I noticed that our floor was flooded. So that was really fun – moving furniture and tearing out carpet! Luckily there is only concrete underneath so we won’t be having any warping sub-flooring, but still…. Our lives are in disarray once more as our family room is torn apart! I just finished organizing our bookshelves too! Oh well… We have just had a time of testing in our lives financially and reevaluating our spending habits and deciding on going pretty strict so that we can get out of debt ASAP! Now this… But what we are going to remember is that the Lord knows. And He has promised that He takes care of our needs according to His riches in glory – and I don’t know about you, but someone who has ginormous diamonds for a front gate is definitely someone that I want taking care of my financial needs! So we’ll wait. And we’ll see how God provides. Sam and I are daily overcome with the way our Father takes care of us. He blesses us beyond our wildest expectations and 100% more than we deserve. We just want to remember to give Him the credit and not to work in our own strength. What a testimony of God’s Providence! Our very house is that. We prayed as we were about to buy that house that the Lord would totally close the door if it was not meant to be ours, but if it WAS meant to be ours, that we would use for God’s totally glory! He gave it to us, He’s allowed us to make payments on it, every other week – we even get to pay a little more each time…. He takes such good care of it! Now, this flooding isn’t our timing, that’s for sure, but we figured out the problem and are thankful that it didn’t cause more damage. We can live with concrete floors for a while, while we wait on the Lord. I’m just excited to see how He’s going to provide!!! Well, no pictures this blog, but definitely will put some up when I get a chance. Just a testimony of God’s Amazing Grace! The Lord’s blessing on you this weekend. PS. We are camping tonight and tomorrow night and having a Charity Family Fishing Tournament tomorrow! So if you think about it, you can pray for safety, good weather, and lots o’ fish! 🙂 Thank you so much, Family and Friends, for being so supportive and reading my rambling words and keeping us in your prayers – we couldn’t do it without you!