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Much promised pictures!

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Inside 2

Ok, so I don’t know how to put these in order, but here’s the inside back of the living room! Crazy isn’t it?! I hope my family will get to stay here when they come next week!

The “Cabin”

Ok, location, location, location!

Now for the inside!

Inside 1

This would be the front of the living room…..

So anyway, there are some pictures for now. Takes me too long to upload them, so that’s all for now – mostly for Bethers!

For all who have heard, Sam’s root canal went well. I just talked to him again, he said that his numbness is pretty much gone, so that’s good. It hasn’t left tons of pain behind and now we’ll be ready to go to our last Garden Tour of the season tonight. Otherwise, we have our Medora Family Camping Trip starting tomorrow and we get back on Thursday. Then my Aunt and Uncle will be flying in on Saturday and then Dad and Mom and hopefully Wes and Cindy will be getting here on Sunday. I don’t have updates on Cindy’s knee, but keep praying, if you are reading this. She still may be able to come!

We have a big week planned for next week with the Fam, I just hope that it all works out, I haven’t been cooking and planning my food quite like I need to, planned on getting a lot more done this weekend, but unexpectedly had to take a lot of naps because of Sam’s tooth. He was on Hydro-codone and I was on adrenaline. So when he slept, I slept, when he was awake, I was trying not to worry! Oh well…. I think it should be all better now!

Well, I do need to work on one small project before I head home to check on my invalid husband. So I hope these suffice for now Bethers. Someday when you come to visit me, I’ll take you there! 🙂


A couple of things…

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#1 – A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favorite Aunt Gayle! Today is her birthday and I hope she has the best one yet! I get to see her in a couple of weeks, and I’m totally excited about that!

#2 – A prayer request – my sister-in-law, Cindy, may have to go into some emergency knee surgery and may have to cancel coming out here – I hope not, but most importantly, I hope she is doing better and that everything heals miraculously before she would even have to do surgery! Please pray for her! Thanks!

Bismarck or bust!

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Well, we survived – Coleman Vacation ’07! It was fun, but it was such a LONG drive. Instead of getting off at 4am on last Saturday – no body even figured we would, we got off by 7:30am. Not too bad… We arrived in Glacier National Park around 7 or 8pm that night a took a little 2 mile hike to a waterfall – it was beautiful! Then we camped out that night, got up early on Sunday morning and headed off for a 3 mile hike in the morning around a lake and then a little nap and rest time, till the afternoon when we took another 3 mile hike to this beautiful pass filled with Mountain Goats and Big Horn Sheep. So that was fun. It was so beautiful – lots of flowers blooming! Then we took the “Going to the Sun” Highway – don’t know if you know much about it, but it’s straight up on the Left (heading down) and straight down on the right (about 3000 feet!) It was a scary road as it wound like 30 minutes up the mountain, but so beautiful! We camped out again that night and took it easy on Monday… We went to Lake McDonald and explored all the little areas (by driving!) We headed out to Idaho in the afternoon and found a great little campsite… Then Tuesday, we got up and met up with Ruth and the three boys in Spokane, WA. We had a great breakfast and then headed to Winthrop, WA just east of the North Cascade Mountains. It was the cutest little town in Washington and would have liked to spend more time there, but we met Katie there and hung out a little. Then we headed another 3 hours West to Bellingham. It was a beautiful city, right on the water! The next morning we got up and drove about an hour south to Anacortes where we caught a Whale Watching boat. That was a fun day – we got to see all kinds of Orcas – I even got to see one breech! We weren’t quite as close as we wanted to be, but it was still a magnificent sight! Then on Thursday, the boys got a chance to go Deep Sea fishing for Salmon – They didn’t catch much, but I think they still had a great day! Sam had a 25+ lb. fish up to the boat and fought it for a good long time, until the fish took a dive and rubbed the line against the steel down rigger and snapped the line. He was pretty disappointed! But Judah caught a little Shark – so he was pretty stoked too! Anyway, the girls went to Orcas Island and did some shopping and girl stuff! Then on Friday, we climbed Tabletop Mountain to get a clear view of Mt. Baker! It was beautiful, but very cloudy, so we didn’t actually see Mt. Baker pretty much the whole time. Oh well. It was kind of funny because when we left Bellingham, it was beautiful, in the 70’s. And then Katie didn’t really tell us what to wear, so by the time we got up to Tabletop Mt., it was 41 degrees with clouds so thick you couldn’t see 5 feet in front of you and snow EVERYWHERE – and we were wearing shorts, tee shirts and tennis shoes! Needless to say, we were scrambling for long pants and coats. I think it all worked out well though. There were lots of snowball fights and crossing over glaciers. Tons of fun! Then after we finished there, we drove back to Bellingham and then drove another hour southeast of Bellingham to a camp site, where we camped again and got up early Saturday morning to head back to Bismarck. We stopped in Seattle for a while to visit with Sam’s cousin who lives there, and so we got a pretty late start. Anyway, needless to say, we made it back in one piece and if I ever ride in a car again for longer than an hour, it will be too soon! 🙂 Just kidding!

Well, most of the guys from Sam’s Montana trip backed out on him, so he ended up cancelling that trip. I wasn’t too disappointed. Now we have a list of projects to work on for the  next week and half. Then we have a Family Camping trip on next Wed. and Thursday, then my fam comes to town starting on Saturday and we get to do a bit more travelling – I’m really looking forward to it. Although, since we have not been in our house all summer long, I’m hoping to get it airred out a bit and up to guests staying in it standards!

Well, besides that, we have a long list of things we want to get done before school starts, but that’s the crazy thing, school starts in two weeks here! Ahh…. Sam is starting to get a little overwhelmed, because that means he’ll be back to teaching SS, Wednesday night Jr. High Confirmation and Sr. High Rock Solid – EVERY WEEK! So it’s always daunting when the new year starts, we want it to be such a good year and everything is so new, it’s just answering the questions “How do we teach these kids about having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ?” Anyway, in October, we’ll start our weekly Sr. High Bible Studies as well, and we’ll have a brand new group of students, so that’s a little scary too. But we don’t like to start it all at the same time. It gets to be a bit overwhelming. But I do love the Fall. I like the routine of things. I’m already getting excited about decorating with Pumpkins. Fall comes early to ND, so that’s kind of fun. Sam will start planning for our Family Fall Festival on September 16th, and that’s always tons of fun! It’s kind of the kick off to the season! We go to this great pumpkin patch and get a little red wagon and walk around grabbing whatever kinds of gourds and pumpkins – it’s great fun!

Well, I suppose I should get some work done, but keep in touch for updates!

On the road again….

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Well, I know I just wrote a couple of days ago, and how in the world can one have so much to say,  you ask yourself!?! But alas, it is me we are talking about! 🙂 HA! Anyway, we head out tomorrow at 4am – (more accurately 6am)… In fact, other than that, who knows where we’ll end up?! Could be Washington, could be Montana, could be Florida (I wish!) Sam is at Starbucks right now with the powers that be trying to decide somewhat of a schedule and route of attack. Because if we all left at the same time and headed in the same direction, it may be a bit too easy. So we need to divide into two groups and head in two different directions, leaving 3 days apart from each other to end at the same point at the same time! Whew! Does that sound like a weird algebraic equation to you or is it just me? Anyway, I’m having to do a little down shifting. Just 3 days ago, we were responsible for EVERYTHING! Pots, pans, food, clothes and whatever else we needed to survive – and now we are heading off with not even the bare necessitites – but I’m sure it’ll be fun! We just have to re-configure our mind sets! We are very excited about not having to be responsible for kids and making relationships with them and worrying about how everything is going. We are going to go, sit back and relax. We can even sleep the whole way if we want (well, besides a little driving of course!) So we’re off on another adventure!

Also, I wanted to update you on some opportunities that Sam has been presented with for the Fall! North Dakota has been asked to come to some nationally recognized meetings – not quite sure what all the details are, but they’ve been asked to come and promote North Dakota tourism. The first meeting is in Chicago on Sept 22 and 23. They want Sam to come and be a part of promoting North Dakota with his art! They will pay his way there, with expenses to do chalk talk entertainment for the weekend. And the second weekend is November 17 and 18, I think, in Denver to do the same. We have people coming to church both those weekends and it’s going to be hard to get out of those responsibilities, but what an honor. We’re definitely planning on doing the Chicago weekend, and hopefully the Denver one too! This is just such an answer to prayer for Sam to be able to show his art on a national level like this! We’ve been so busy, we haven’t even really had time to process this information and what it might mean for his art! But now that we are trying to get the details worked out, it’s finally hitting home – this is such an awesome opportunity! The Lord is so good to us! Much more than we deserve! Anyway, if you could be praying that the details would be worked out and that we would be able to take advantage of these opportunities! Thanks!

Well, I think that’ll have to be it for now. I do have to get some work done, ya know! HA! But I will write when we get back next week and let you know how everything turned out! Happy weekend to you for now!

Muscles…or inflamed mosquito bites?!

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Well, we just completed 6 days of canoeing and portaging some of the most beautiful country in the world! The Boundary Waters of upper Minnesota is so incredible! There are no motorized boats allowed and the only way to get there is to carry a canoe in (portage). We took 4 adults and 13 Sr. High students and camped on a different lake almost every single night. We had the most beautiful weather – drank a lot of coffee! Ate tons of freeze dried food, our water filter stopped working, so we ended up drinking a lot of lake water – but don’t worry, so far so good! 🙂  This place is so reserved,  you have to watch a video on how to preserve the nature that you are about to embark on – leave no trace! We had to carry all of our food, supplies, tents, sleeping bags, clothes and canoes! I’m still not sure on the final mileage count, but it was alot. For instance some of the portages were pretty long. 320 rods is one mile, we took a 310, 280, 260 and several 160’s. A friend of Sam’s just went up a couple of weeks ago with about 7 college guys and he said that the 160’s they went on just about killed them. So he wasn’t so encouraging to Sam about bringing high schoolers, much less girls! But our teams did it, did it well and with little to no complaining! We are no match for nature! It was tough stuff though. But it was so beautiful and I’d say more than worth it! And when you go on a trip like that, you really notice how little you need to survive in the world. Water (clean, preferrably), food, and very few clothes. You only wear one outfit a day. And for me – I wore one shirt for 4 straight days, now, I wouldn’t normally recommend that, but in such extremes…. We didn’t get to see any moose, which is what I was really looking forward to, but we saw several deer and fish and loons and heard the wolves howling at night and…Sam caught a 25 lb. snapping turtle, that was quite the experience. We dubbed ourselves the “Fighting Snappers Tribe” and gave everyone Indian names. We had everyone swim out to an island and talk about their need for Jesus. We got to have 1 hour quiet times every day. These kids memorized a whole chapter of Scripture. We got to slide down waterslides, play in rapids, bathe in the lakes, potty in latrines, sleep on the ground, oh, and did I mention, drink lots of coffee?! We had a nearly full moon the whole week and only had one day of rain! These kids started thinking about what was really important in their lives and not to take the smaller things for granted. It was so refreshing to strip them of all their fancies – cell phones, ipods, computers and every thing else they rely on for entertainment and have them commune with one another, nature and most importantly God. Even though it was a hard labor kind of trip and one with a bunch of students (some annoying ones!) I’d have to say it was one of the most relaxing and fulfilling trips I’ve ever been on! Most of those kids had no idea what they were getting themselves into, I know I didn’t, but they came out on the other end having accomplished so much and being so very proud of that. And I was so very proud of them! For those of you who were praying – thank you. Couldn’t have done it without you!

 Well, now we are home for today, Thursday and Friday. We leave at 5am on Saturday for Washington State. Just in case we didn’t get quite enough camping this past week, we are going to spend two days camping in Glacier National Park and then keep on heading out to visit Katie, my sister in law. We’ll head back and be here on August 12th. Then Sam heads back out to Montana with a group of guys for a backpacking trip on the 13th. That’s the plan now actually. If no one else signs up, he may cancel the trip. So we’ll see. I can’t believe how fast the summer is wrapping up.  When Sam gets back from Montana, the next week, we have a 2 day family camping trip in Medora and then two days after that, all of my family starts arriving! They’ll be here for a little over a week and then we’ll be full swing into Fall Activities! And we’ll check off another summer! How crazy is that?! Well, I guess I should get a little bit of work done today! Thanks for being such faithful readers. I’ll get Sam to make me a CD and put a couple pictures up. I know you are still waiting on some pictures, but I noticed that if I put too many pictures up, it eats up my memory. Maybe I’ll go back and erase some of the old blogs…. Happy Wednesday to you!