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Here we go again!

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Ok, I don’t know how long this blog is going to take me, because I have lots going on, but a couple of things I wanted to give a couple of shout outs!

Well, #1 – Yesterday was Sam and my 2nd Anniversary! It always is a time of rememberance and looking back at where you’ve come from and where you are heading. Milestones…. I was overcome with the idea that the Lord always has transitions for us! He takes us through stages of life where that particular time seems like the highest mountain ever. It also made me think of this because just on 10-20-07, Sam’s sister Katie, got engaged! So YEAH FOR KATIE!!!! We just went and picked her up from the airport, she was in Washington State, visiting her boyfriend, excuse me, fiance! And we got to visit with her for a little bit and she’s just so excited. We’re so excited for her too! But then I think back to when I got engaged and thought “How could anything get any better than this?” Then you come to your wedding and you wonder, “How could anything get any better than this?!” And as I look back, I just see how the Lord takes you from one thing to another to keep moving forward! I’m sure that whenever we start to have kids, it will be the same thing. It’s just so awesome that weather it’s moving from Elementary to Jr. High or High School grad. or college grad, or getting engaged, or getting married, or having kids, no milestone is any less than the one before it, but a milestone none the less. The Lord is always showing us growth in all parts of our lives, the journey that we are suppose to be travelling. Of course there are set backs and hurts along the way, but isn’t a direct picture of the life we travel with the Lord. Our spiritual journey, constantly travelling closer to the Lord; a journey of Holiness. Well, those are my musings having to do with our anniversary. 2 years doesn’t seem like much, but I’ve come to realize that it’s a milestone still. The Lord brought us through a lot in the past two years and it’s been amazing to see Him work in our lives.

So – congrats to Katie – now begins her long journey of wedding planning! She hasn’t chosen a date yet, but sometime next summer. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on those plans. Did I tell you that Sam’s other sister, Sadie is expecting a little one in January. The Coleman family is full of milestones this year. With one starting high school, one graduating high school, one getting engaged, one enjoying the throws of marriage and one expecting a little one. Milestones everywhere!

Well, the other thing I wanted to let you know is that my present for Sam for our anniversary is a new website. The other one is so difficult to use, in my opinion and we wanted something a lot more user friendly. So thanks to a cousin of mine, we are getting updated to the 21st Century! You can find us at Just as simple as that! Keep in mind that it is still in progress but at least you can take a look around and leave us comments if you’d like! Well, I’d better get back to work, but thanks for reading and making comments. That’s really nice of you! I hope you have a great rest of the week!


I’m on it, ok?!

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The masses are demanding updates! Oh to keep up with what the people want, how do those politicians stay on top of things?!?! HA! 16 words into my new blog and already I’m cracking myself up! HA, I bet I made you count! Anyway, I’m doing well, thanks for asking. That’s about all! Thanks for asking! Have a great week!

 Just kidding! I have a couple of things to write about! First off, for those of you who don’t know it, Sam cannot, under any circumstances have caffeine after 6pm, nay 3pm! Last Thursday, he took Judah out to go bow hunting, which is kind of joke all in itself if you know Sam and you know like 1 thing about Bow Hunting. For those of you who don’t know anything about Bow Hunting, you have to sit still for it. Enough said. Anyway, they didn’t see anything, so Sam took Judah for coffee at 6pm. He never fell asleep that night until 5am the next morning. We already had plans to take off for the Badlands for Sam to do some painting at 6am! So you can imagine. It was like 50 below that morning, and I had to get up and load all of Sam’s art stuff into the car and get him up enough to get into the car. I proceeded to drive as far as Belfield which is about 15 minutes out of the Badlands. So at 8am I was either going to have to pull over and sleep or let Sam take over. He was awake by then and I fell asleep until 11:15am! What a morning! But anyway, he got to the spot he was looking for and got started on this great painting that he’s been commissioned to do. It was a beautiful morning. Then we slowly made our way back, stopped for lunch, did a bit of window shopping in Dickinson and mosey’d on home and got there around 5ish. Then Judah had his last football game that night. Just so you know, Shiloh had a perfect record this year – 0 and however many games they played! That’s right, they didn’t win one of them! But they sure ended on a bang! They could have won this last game, but I don’t know if there was built up tension or what, but one of Judah’s team mates sat on another player until Shiloh made a touchdown! It was kind of funny, but aparently the ref’s don’t think that’s very sportsman like! Needless to say, a flag, a re-do, no more hope of touchdowns! They lost. End of story. The players were very sad, but they’ll get over it!

 Next, Saturday – well that was PHEASANT OPENER! In case you don’t know much about North Dakota, you’ll realize that Pheasant Opener is like a National Holiday around here. So yeah, Sam went out early in search of ducks in the morning, none of which he actually found. Then the rest of the family met him for shooting pheasants. Which they didn’t get many. Oh well, we’ve already eaten all those. I like pheasant, it’s really good and for the most part, pretty cheap too! So I didn’t go because I was at home cleaning and preparing for PUMPKIN FEST with the Coleman Clan. It was tight! (as Judah would say!) We had pumpkin dip/ginger snaps for appetizers and then for dinner, we had Italian Stuffed Zucchini and for the grand masterpiece, I cooked beef stew in a hollowed out pumpkin! It was pretty good if I do say so myself! Then we had a pumpkin carving contest, 10 people, 5 pumpkins – very fun! No winners, no loosers, they actually all came out looking great! We lit them up on our porch that night! Then we finished off the evening with Pumpkin Roll. Yum, yum! It was great fun!

Let’s see, anything else exciting? Well, Charlie shot his first Pheasant, first bird ever actually. That may not be very exciting for some of you, but it was big doin’s here! Something very big to celebrate! Judah, Sam, Charlie and I went out hunting on Monday night, shortened story, we walked two draws and between Sam and Judah, they had 6 birds. So it was getting late and we were heading home, and wouldn’t you know it, right on the way, we saw this Pheasant coming at us – running! So Sam’s great idea was for Charlie to get the bird! So he pulls up and Charlie opens the door and is sitting their aiming at it, we’re all screaming “Shoot! Shoot!” Then he said, shouldn’t I wait for it to fly or something?! I was like, “No, blast the darn thing off the ground!” Boom! Then he shot it! It was so funny, because the poor bird didn’t even know what to do with himself. He wasn’t completely dead so Judah told him to shoot it again, this time Charlie was WAY above his head, but I think it was enough for him to go into shock! The bird was probably like – “I’ve been shot, I’ve been shot!” Then we let Tonto out and he fetched it for us! We were all very excited for Charlie! But I don’t think he’s hooked…yet. He could care less when it comes to hunting, but I think it was a great boost for his hunting confidence! And when you make a big deal out of something, it’s always funner! So Sam took a bunch of pictures of him holding the bird. If I ever get them, I’ll post them on here for you to see!

 But that’s about all that been going on in my life recently. I’m still ready for a vacation. I know you are thinking, geesh, don’t these people have enough vacations? But the answer is no. Well, since this is probably a record long blog, I should let you go now! But have a fabulous Wednesday! Will write more as soon as something fun and exciting happens!

Another Monday!

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Well, this was seriously one of the MOST relaxing weekends ever! It was so cold and rainy and so I just hung out in the house, not doing much at all! Sam was away with his cousins hunting some Pronghorn Antelope, which they got. And then Sam got back on Saturday afternoon in time for Judah’s football game! It was soooo cold – they had to put pictures of fire up on the announcement screen to make everyone feel warm – time to break out the long johns, seriously! It was 37 this morning and has only now, at 11:30am gotten to 47! Saturday night, we were dressed in our winter coats, hats, gloves, and long johns, and as if that wasn’t enough, wrapped in sleeping bags! It didn’t help that it was rainy and misty all day. Anyway, Judah played a good game. They didn’t win, but this was by far the closest score – 20/56, I think! Shiloh is what you would say, in a restructuring year! 🙂

So then on Sunday, Sam had to preach all three sermons. He did a great job! I sat through all three of them and thankfully, Sam changed it up a bit for me each time! 🙂 He always does a great job even though he HATES preaching, and he’s never had to preach Sunday morning before! But he’s more than happy it’s over and we celebrated by taking a nice long nap and then doning our hat, gloves and long johns again and took a walk to gather our Fall decorations! We found some beautiful springs (branches) of bittersweet that we cut down and took home with us. And then, we went out to some Wildlife Management areas and cut down some corn stalks, Tonto was covered in corn! It never fails, we are always filling our van with all kinds of treasures! Now Sam is on his way to wash the car!

 Well, happy week to you. I hope you have the best week ever, maybe wherever you are, the leaves are actually starting to change!

Hey y’all!

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No exciting news, but I’m just trying to put off work and it’s always nice to have a captured audience! Ha! Today is cold and windy. Sam was up at 5:30 am to head out to go hunting – crazy man! It is like 50 degrees outside but the wind is blowing at near hurricane levels! (Just kidding – but still, it’s blowing A LOT!) We are officially loosing all our leaves today. Oh man, it is so cold out there! As you know, I’ve big plans for the garage, but the longer I put it off, the bigger the plans get. It works out well, because I’ve now cleaned the pantry out and one of the major closets. I feel good about that. Now I just have the garage. But this weekend is going to be rainy and cold – perfect for sleeping in and finding some movies to watch or projects to work on! I’m so excited, I just don’t know what I’m going to do with myself! I’m very excited about Christmas and getting all my presents organized and worked on. We have a lot to get started on though.

Well, I’m getting most of my family and good friends hooked on That’s pretty exciting! Other than that, did I ever tell you that our cat ran away a couple weeks ago and hasn’t come back yet. I’m kind of really bummed about that, because I really liked this cat. We had him for a whole year! He was kind of a crazy, but that was what was so sweet about him. Alas, we cannot be competent cat owners. I think I did it to myself. We ran out of cat food, so we went to buy food, 20lbs. Great deal – I told Sam, it’s not like this cat is going anywhere, sure get that much!!! He never even came home to find out he had 20 lbs of food waiting for him! This sounds silly, but I’ve been praying that he would come home. At this point, we’ve kind of given up. We keep calling the pound, but no one ever picked him up. So either he’s met his end or someone stole him, which is a very good possibility. He was such a sweet kitty. Even Tonto loved him. I told Sam that I’m done with cats. I can’t handle any more disappearance… Then I kind of feel bad because our house is so much nicer with no cat smell and hair floating everywhere. But he was so sweet, cuddled up on the chair or your lap and snuggling with you…. I need to stop because he was just too cute…. Well, you have a fabulous weekend! I hope you have as good of one as me! Au Revoir! Or however you spell that! 🙂

I suppose it’s about time….

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I think it’s been forever since I posted anything. Can you believe that things are actually slowing down for me? Ha! I didn’t think so! Just kidding. They have been. We’re getting into the mundane of routine. I work in the mornings 5 days a week and then Sam does his thing at church. Then he picks me up and we go home, he usually starts painting and I do whatever it is that I do around the house. We’ve been trying to enjoy this weather! We’ve been planning meetings, we started a Student Leadership Team – that worked out really well. We were suprised with the turn out! But they are very excited about planning events and so that’s pretty great! Then this past Saturday night, we had a big event – “The Underground Church!” We had a pastor from Estonia here visiting our church and so we planned this huge Scavenger Hunt over North Bismarck and set the kids out on all their trails, then let loose the “Secret Police!” They could arrest them anywhere and bring them back to the Interrogation Room! We had about 35 students come and about 7 or 8 got “arrested”! The rest were pretty scared, some more than others, but it was fun. Their final destination was to end up at the “Underground Church.” Which happened to be someone’s garage! There the Estonian pastor spoke to us about his life under Communist rule. It was really quite powerful if I do say so myself. Of course, with any Youth event, you never know how it’s going to turn out because you don’t get much feedback, or it’s very negative. So it’s always such a stretch. But as we talked to more people on Sunday, it turned out to be a pretty good. Lots of parents were telling us that their kids really liked it, so that was good. Sam and I put SO MUCH WORK into it! He always figures the planning part will go a lot faster than it actually does. So I had great plans of cleaning out the garage but was never home all day on Saturday to get started on it. That was a bummer, but maybe I’ll have to start this afternoon and just work on it a little at a time! We are suppose to get a freeze on Thursday night, not looking forward to that. That will be the beginning of the end – Winter from here on out. I think we are well past our hope of Indian Summer.  This weekend, I think Sam is heading out to the farm to go Antelope Hunting with his cousins. I’m going to stay home and help a friend move. Then next weekend is Pheasant Opener and the whole world pretty much shuts down for that. So we have been trying to enjoy the Fall to the inth degree, the trees are a little past peak, but they are really nice! So that’s about all that’s been going on with us. I’ll have to write more whenever something fun and exciting happens! Have a fabulous day!