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Posted in Charity Youth Events, Life in these United States on February 29, 2008 by Sarah

I’m bored to death of my blog – but nothing too funny or interesting has happened and my camera doesn’t work. So….sorry. By the way, still haven’t figured out where we’re going on vacation, but on a happy note, it only took 3 weeks for my passport to come in. So that’s great! We head out at 2pm today for Big Sky. Keep us in your prayers, we don’t want any broken bones! Thanks! And Adios!


Results on the ski trip!

Posted in Charity Youth Events, Life in these United States on February 25, 2008 by Sarah

Bottineau was BEAUTIFUL this weekend! It had to of been about 35 degrees on Saturday, everyone was skiing in their sweatshirts – it was incredible! It was pretty fun too! We had a HUGE group – 65 people! Not a whole lot to say. We head out on Friday for our last ski trip of the season.  It’s so hard because it was 45 degrees yesterday – absolutely beautiful, we went on a walk, let Tonto out to run and just enjoyed the day – then we woke up today to ….. SNOW. Again. I don’t know what the accumulation will be, but it was 19 this morning on the way to work!!! I’m so ready for SPRING – I know I’ve been saying that since Christmas, but it’s true! We still haven’t found a destination for April and wondering if we should do anything and maybe save some $$ in the process. But this winter has been so hard on me. I told Sam this morning that I was just sick of putting on a coat! Sam’s Uncle does have a condo in Mazatlan that we may be able to use, but I guess it would just depend on what kind of airfare we could get down there…. Ho hum. I hate $. Anyway, on a brighter note – the mittens that Sam got me for V-day were so nice! They kept me way warmer than I needed to be! 🙂 But I loved them. Anxious to try them out in Big Sky! Well, I haven’t gotten my camera working again yet, but hopefully for Big Sky…. I have a friend that puts pictures on everything when she blogs and I just LOVE that! Thanks Rhonda – I love reading your blogs! So until next time – Adios!

Ski Trip #2

Posted in Charity Youth Events, Life in these United States on February 22, 2008 by Sarah

Well, we’ve finally reached ski trip #2. This year Sam scheduled one in January and the other two side by side in Feb. So while we are used to having them all stretched out, we’re going to Bottineau, which is a little hill – probably smaller than anything in VA. Then next weekend, we head out to Big Sky, MT. So I’ll keep you posted on how this weekend goes. We’ve got 45 4th – 6th graders. And for many of them, this is their first trip skiing, so it’s always pretty interesting! Then we have another 20 adults and siblings. So we’ve got a packed trip. We even have to bring 2 cars besides our bus! So that ought to be interesting! But for an update, Sam and I are doing so much better, even though, I know there is a lot of sickness going around. I hope everyone else starts feeling better and we have Spring soon!!!! I did hear birds chirping yesterday as I got to work, very excited about that! Not sure what the temps are today, but hoping for a mild day tomorrow. Bottineau is on the Canada/ND border, so it’s way colder up there.  Last year, it was so cold, our eye lashes froze together, even when you were wearing goggles and a facemask. You could see where everyone was breathing because there was a white frozen circle on their neck warmer where it was in front of their mouth – we are talking COOOOOld!!!!

Did everyone have a great Valentine’s Day?

Posted in Life in these United States on February 15, 2008 by Sarah

Since poor Sam has been in bed for the last three days, yesterday when I got off work, we ventured out to church to pick up Sam’s paycheck and run to Walmart for a few necessary items mostly dealing with anti-flu protection. I felt like I was coming down with a little something, but in complete denial that it was what Sam had. I had no headache, just stuffiness. But still, I needed to bulk up on my nutrition. Remember how much water I drank yesterday? Well, anyway, yeah. So I don’t even know where to start – ok, we have this 4th – 6th grade ski trip next week. And there are about 60 people going. We had a big bus reserved, which is what we usually do, but then last week, they called and cancelled. So Sam had to quick find another bus to reserve, it was smaller and so now we have to take a couple vans as well. Well, then yesterday, they called to cancel. So now we have no way to get these people up to Bottineau. Well, so yesterday, Sam felt up to going out a little – So we went to church to call buses from all over the state to see if we could get anyone! Found one out of Fargo, but it’s more than double the other one, it really puts a damper on our budget. And so then we ran to Walmart for some Zinc, Vicks Vapor Rub and Cough Drops, then Sam’s mom wanted us to come to the Mall for our V-day present. So we ended up going down there because Sam had to take back a birthday present anyway. By this time, I wasn’t feeling bad per say, but just exhausted. I don’t know if being up the last few days just started wearing on me. But anyway, we took back his b-day present and he bought me a V-day present – Ski Mittens!!! I’m so excited! For all my skiing, all I’ve ever had was just cotton gloves. Well, now I’ve actually got waterproof, warm mittens! I’m very excited! In Red Lodge a couple weeks ago, I wore 2 pairs of gloves and my hands still froze! Anyway, that was very nice! So then we went to Eddie Bauer. That’s where Ruth wanted to get our V-day present. But we told her thank you, but we had more than enough clothes. That was nice, but if you could see our room right now, you’d think we were a stinking homeless shelter giveaway closet! So then we headed home, but before we got there, I forgot that we needed to grab a couple things at the grocery store. So Sam went in and I stayed in the car and fell asleep while I was waiting for him! I couldn’t believe it. But I was so tired. So then we went home and before we drummed up the energy to get out of the car, we were just sitting there and I fell asleep again! So we went in and I just put bags down and immediately crawled into bed. I didn’t even move for two hours straight.  Sam came in at 7 and asked if I was ready for bed? So I got up to groom for bed and take a shower and he got into bed. I took the world’s longest shower, I was trying to run the hot water out, but it never happened, it was so nice. Then I got back in bed and we were reading, then I told Sam my stomach felt a little sketchy so immediately I got up and luckily we have a bathroom connected to our room, because I proceeded to throw up all the water I drank yesterday! It was awful, I hate throwing up! So I decided, I didn’t want Sam’s bug, but I didn’t want this one either! Anyway, I felt a lot better with just a little sinus headache left. I was up a lot during the night, at one point, Sam asked me how I was doing, and I told him I was so tired, he said that was probably because it was the middle of the night – but I didn’t realize that since I’d been sleeping for so long! Anyway, so that was a great Valentine’s Day, huh? HA! Well, Sam got up this morning to fix a nice breakfast, but neither of us could eat all of it, because we hadn’t really eaten anything in the last few days except water, juice, hot tea and chicken noodle soup! Needless to say, I’ll be so happy to see the Spring come! It feels like we’ve really been attacked this winter, not sure really, but it’s been a difficult one! The fact that we have two more ski trips seems so unreal to me, seems like it should be close to Spring by now! Not more winter! Anyway, that was my exciting adventure of yesterday. At least when I woke up this morning, I felt good, except tired. No more headache, a little stuffiness and just really tired. TGIF! The worse part is that I’m suppose to meet a friend for coffee tomorrow morning and I didn’t want to have to cancel that! HA! I can’t get enough coffee. Even though, if you are ever wondering, if you get a large coffee at Starbucks and share it, it’s way more cost effective than getting two smalls. The only problem is that you have to agree on what to get!!! Sam is such a good sport, so it takes like 3 years to order our coffee – Venti Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha, 3 pumps of White Choc., 4 pumps of Peppermint, Decaf, Skim milk! Otherwise, there is just too much sweetness in it. But anyway, I’m lost without Sam to share – get my own coffee – I just don’t know what to do with myself! Well, I know I’m just rambling now. So I will let you go. Have a great weekend!

It’s just not happening….

Posted in Life in these United States on February 14, 2008 by Sarah

Well, I think that Sam got bombarded by the flu – by the way – Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! So for the last 3 days, I’ve been trying to nurse poor Sam back to health. I’m afraid I’m not doing that good of a job. He says I am, but it’s so frustrating when there is really nothing you can do – And I refuse to come down with it myself! I’ve been drinking water like it’s going out of style, making fresh squeezed OJ for Sam morning and night, drinking peppermint green tea – he’s complaining about having the clearest pee ever – So good for him! But still, I hate to see  him out of commission. That’s hard. He’s put a lot of time in sleeping and reading a great book! By the way, I totally recommend Gene Stratton-Porter as an author. Looking for some great reading to escape from the busyness of life. I read “A Girl of the Limberlost” quite a while ago and it’s an excellant book. But there is a prequel – “Freckles” which I just finished the other day! In fact, on Tuesday, Sam even ventured out a little to see if we could find any of her books at the Used Bookstore or Library, which by the way, we didn’t. Our library is EXTREMELY small.  So that’s that. I’ve been trying to do my part by drinking lots of water. So far today 44 oz. Needless to say, I’ve spent my share of time in the bathroom also! 🙂 But it’s all good for us. Well, I know you are dying for an update on the temps and wondering why we stay in a constant state of stuffiness and cold – (-7 degrees right now). It’s 11am. I think temps are suppose to get to 5 above?! Who knows? I’ve taken to blowing my nose right into an Antibacterial Wipe! Just kidding! But Spring, oh spring, where are you? So not much of a V-day this year. We did go out to eat on Monday to celebrate because we have Small group tonight, which we may have to skip. Anyway, Sam decided he was going to fast on Monday. He started getting a headache, which usually happens anyway and he’d gotten through just about 24 hours when the US Post Man brought a box! This was a box from my parents with some vitamins that I had ordered, but of course being the amazing people that they are – they put organic whole raw cashews and some other organic treats which they always send us in whatever boxes we get from them. The cashews are our favorite. So right there, Sam decided he had fasted enough! So thanks Mom and Dad for making the rest of my Monday good! 🙂

So I will leave you now! Thanks for all the updates with the trips for April – I really appreciate it! I hope all of you have a happy Love-filled Valentine’s day! Beth, Happy V-D! I know you might get a kick out of that from college! Oh happy Day!


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Here’s a request – if any of you run across some really good deals on vacations to anywhere warm in April from Chicago, please let me know. We have a week free and we just got to get out of this country! We’ll be in Chicago for a Youth Leaders Retreat and so we thought that would be a great time to find cheaper tickets to somewhere – I’m thinking Caribbean – South America – Central America, wherever!!!! Just let me know! Thanks. There is another blizzard coming tomorrow – at least that’s the word on the street! Ahhhh! I’m so ready for Spring! So anyway, other than than, not too much going on here. I’m just glad it’s Friday – isn’t that awful? I don’t even work full time! Happy Weekend! 

It’s snowing….

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Well, if it’s got to be cold, at least it’s snowing! It’s beautiful! We were expected to get close to 4 or 5 inches and it’s pretty dang near close! With more moderate temps, this is ok! Well, not that moderate – 6 degrees right now. But I’m sure it’ll get warmer! 🙂 So here I am at work, getting ready to start working away! Is this pitiful, I didn’t find out until 9am on Monday morning who won the Superbowl? Oh well, I don’t care! So you know we didn’t go anywhere to watch the Superbowl. But we had a great day anyway – exploring! The frost on Sunday was absolutely beautiful! Saturday was Sam’s Mall thing and that seemed kind of like a waste of time. We got the worse spot possible and so I don’t think we are going to do that anymore. Sam can’t get that much painting done because of interruptions and it’s just a waste of time. But anyway, it was foggy all day, so we knew Sunday was going to be beautiful because the fog freezes to the trees making it look like a beautiful Winter Wonderland! So we went exploring on Sunday after church and took pictures, well, Sam took pictures. You know how that goes! So then yesterday I was sewing for nearly 8 hours trying to get a couple of baby gifts done for my sister in law who is coming home and we’re having a little shower for her tonight! So it turned out to be a long day, but the snow is beautiful and it’s still snowing this morning! So not a whole lot to update. Don’t have big plans for now! But just to check in and say “Happy Tuesday!”