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God is good!

Posted in Family, Life in these United States on April 30, 2008 by Sarah

John is back in the hospital – he needed fluids really desperately and he also went off the steroids cold turkey – I don’t think you are suppose to do that though…. Anyway, let me tell you really quickly how good God is… John LOVES fishing – he’s not so good at it, but he LOVES it! And so Katie’s fiance Mike is back in town and has a boat, so we all piled in there yesterday to take John fishing on the river… He’s so weak that the boys would just pick him up and put him down. We made a nice little bed for him in the front of the boat, got across the river and set him up on a fishing pole. We knew we could only be out there for a little while, because he had dr.s appts. But anyway, so I don’t think any of us really expected to catch anything, it was just the first nice day out and it was beautiful – wouldn’t you know it – after about 15 min. of fishing – John caught a pretty nice fish! He didn’t even really have the strength to reel it in, Katie had to hold the pole and he reeled! It was a keeper! God is so good – no one else caught any fish! It was perfect! Then after an hour of being in the water, we had to head out for John to make it to his appt. I guess in the meantime, 3 nurses and dr.s called Ruth and were mad that John didn’t show up to his appt.s. Whatever. I don’t think that anything they could do could even compare to the afternoon he had on the water with all of his kids! I can’t even explain it! It was so perfect! Then Sam took him to get his fluids and they ended up admitting him overnight, at least. I don’t know what today brings, but I know he’s hoping to get out of there… So that’s how that goes, he looks a lot better since he got the fluids!

So I got everyone’s msg about staying up on my blogs – I will try to do my best! For right now, it’s cold again… Tulips are starting to pop up, but no blooms on anything really – I can’t wait for some steady warm days and what we really need is rain, So a little prayers our way! Thanks!



Posted in Family, Life in these United States on April 24, 2008 by Sarah

Well, alas, no pictures as of yet, but I thought I’d better leave a msg before I leave whatever fan base I have, ie. Lori, Beth, Wes, Cindy, Mom and Robin. Thanks, oh faithful readers! 🙂 Anyway, I should write a bit about our trip – we had a great time! Let’s see, it was nearly a month ago already – but we left after Sam preached that Wednesday night and got to the Cities around 4am and stopped and slept till about 8am and got back on the road, then we got into Chicago around 1:30pm. We got ourselves all situated and got a taxi to the airport and were there in PLENTY of time! The only thing is that we were about a half hour late getting into the Philly airport – By the way, Bethers, that is ONE LONG airport – we were actually running through the airport to make it to our next gate on time, of course, by this time, it was 8pm and we hadn’t eaten since 10am! So poor Sam is trying to order a salad at McD’s and still get on the plane in time, we made it! And as a bonus, got bumped up to an exit seat! So that was really nice! Then we actually got into Orlando a half hour EARLY! So we got our bags and sat on the curb until Wes and Cindy came to get us! But it was soooo nice, it was sooo warm – it was tons of fun just watching people – so in saying, we were picked up a little late because there was a bit of miscommunication! :O) But we enjoyed our wait! Sam was busy, reading a book and I was just soaking up the warm! Ummm…. Then on Friday, we went to Epcot, that was fun – even though we didn’t get to go anywhere International for our vacation, we ended up going to about 10 or more different countries! So that was a bonus! Then the rain started, but I didn’t care, it was still warm! It was so much fun visiting with Wes and Cindy and seeing their super cute home! And then on Saturday – what a suprise! Aunt Gayle and Uncle Jim came down to suprise us! They drove 4 or 5 hours, just to see us! That was awesome, so we got to hang out with them for the afternoon! Then on Sunday, we went to a cute little antiques town, in the rain, but it was so nice! Then on Monday, we went to Blue Spring State Park – this was definitely a highlight as the water was beautiful and we got to see manatees, alligators, tons of wild birds, and tons of fish! We went canoeing – unfortuneately, Wes and Cindy had to work, so they didn’t get to go with us, but they’ll definitely have to do it sometime. This was the day we got crispy! You can imagine that two people from ND who haven’t had the sun TOUCH their skin in nearly six months – we were nearly glowing white! So to get sun-kissed was wonderful, until the pain of the sunburn kicked in… But we had a great time in Orlando, FL, but with all of that, we had the best hosts ever! Sam got to be an ace Wii player and I, well, I got to make some beautiful jewelry with the Master! 🙂

Then we came back to burrrrr, cold Chicago! It was nice just hanging out in the hotel, not really having much of anything to do. There was a super nice pool and hot tub and exercise room. And of course, I got to watch two days of Martha Stewart – you gotta love TV! Well, we did decide that we are certainly glad that we don’t have TV at home. I used to make fun of Sam, the way he would just sit and stair at the TV, but I’m afraid that I’ve been away from it so long, that I’m seeing some of those same tendancies in me! 😦 What can I say – I can watch Sam for a while, but he doesn’t move half as fast as the TV!!! So anyway, Sam went to a day and a half of seminars and then I came and joined him. I went to a couple break out sessions on “Behavior Modification vs. Heart Transformation” and “Connecting with Youth in a Wired Generation.” They were interesting, but after 3 hours of seminars, I was pooped, and I couldn’t believe that Sam held in there for 2 straight days!!!! On Friday, we went into the city to meet with the ministry that’s going to be leading our group this summer. I think it’s going to be a great opportunity for them! And a real challenge as well….

Well, as I was typing this yesterday, I’d added a lot more and my internet went down in the middle of it, so at this point I can’t really remember what I wrote, so you’ll just have to get that much! It’s been kind of a crazy 1 and a half weeks since I’ve been back. John, Sam’s dad, isn’t doing so hot. Katie’s moved up her wedding just to ensure that her dad will be there, so that will be on May 4th. Just a small intimate wedding with only the family. Then they’ll redo their vows and have the reception on the 5th of July still. So that’s about how that is going. I was refiguring my page to see if I could figure out how many people actually read this blog. Because I was having a lot of fun writing, and may continue, but if there are only 2 or 3 reading it, I don’t think I’ll try to keep up with it as often. I know that you have better things to do. And I do tend to ramble. So there’s no need to check back very often. Maybe once every couple of weeks or so. I can’t make promises. Thanks to my faithful readers!

Pictures are to come….

Posted in Life in these United States, Sam's Art Opportunities on April 15, 2008 by Sarah

I need to take a few pictures and then I’ll get them all moved to a CD so that I can bring them to work to get them all uploaded – we had a great vacation – I’ll tell you more when we get pictures to describe! But thanks for the comments! Congrats to Jim and Aleycia Gerlach on the arrival of Miles James on Saturday 04-12-08. He was so excited to meet his family that he came a whole 6 weeks early, so he’s going to have to stay in the hospital for a little while, but he’s doing great! And what a cutie – so that makes two babies this week! Craziness!!!! Also, Sam sold a couple of paintings in his most recent art show, winning himself some awards and ready to paint more! Refer to for updated pictures! Go Sam!!! Celebrations all around!

Holy Toledo!

Posted in Charity Youth Events, Life in these United States on April 9, 2008 by Sarah

I’ve been away for so long that they up and changed my whole blogging site!!! Well, pictures to come, we’re on vacation. FL was awesome! It was great to be able to spend some time with Wes and Cindy – to see Cindy in the middle of her creation room! She even showed me how to make a piece of jewelry – hopefully pictures of that soon to come as well! Now we are in Chicago – Sam headed off to his conference – he just let me know today his schedule – I think there was method to his madness – he left at 8am today and not to return until 5 or 7pm this evening…. Then tomorrow, he heads off at 8am and doesn’t come back until 11pm! So that’s so much for us getting to spend some good quality time together here!!! Oh well, but it’s been really fun! So I’ve straightened our room, right now, the cleaning lady is in, so I decided to go and visit the workout room here – I do have the car here, so I might make a little trip to the mall, but I’ll probably wait until tomorrow to do that, I could always organize our vehicle though…so many things to do….I have books, magazine and then there is always the dreaded taxes…. Count down….ugh…. Don’t remind me! But anyway, oh by the way! Congrats to Steve and Amber Ermish – had a little guy on April 7 – Noah William Ermish – 8 lbs. or so and as long as I’ve heard, everyone is doing great! So I just wanted to send a little update your way! Hopefully you’ll hear from me soon! I have no cell phone with me, but access to email and facebook, so feel free to drop me a message to remind me I’m not totally all alone in Chicago! 🙂

Now…how do you suppose I post this tricky little thingy!?!?!?!

Murder Mystery Dinner….

Posted in Family on April 1, 2008 by Sarah

Well, how many of you knew that Charlie, my brother-in-law and I were hosting a Murder Mystery Dinner on Easter night?!?! You didn’t? Well, I didn’t either! HA, just kidding, I thought we were hosting it on Saturday night – but alas, that is another story! Anyway, a couple weeks ago, Charlie (age 14) comes to me and asks me to help him execute this Murder Mystery Dinner – which for those of you who need a little bit clearer words means – Sarah, can you help me purchase decorations and help decorate and help me go grocery shopping and cook all the food and then serve it the night of the dinner?! HA! Yes! I told him – gladly! And what a great opportunity! Charlie budgeted for this dinner – we were going to have it around Easter because everyone and I mean EVERYONE was in town – we had John, Ruth, Sam, Me, Sadie, Nathan, Katie, Mike, Johnny, his girlfriend Siri, Judah and Charlie – oh and don’t forget Ethan – but he didn’t take up much room! So, we started planning a week ahead of time – we went to Party America for some fun tropical decorations – we decided to serve Pina Coladas as everyone was arriving, in costume, by the way…. So we got these fun little plastic cups. We got a couple of fun, colorful lais and took them apart and proceeded to hot glue the flowers to the stems of these cups – tons of fun! We had a great time doing that! Charlie addressed all the invitations and we assigned everyone a character and got them in the mail!


Example A: Notice the fantastically decorated pina colada cups – oh, also, this is Katie and Mike.

Let’s see, then what – well, the menu that came with the game wasn’t all that, so I did a few minor alterations – and totally changed it! Charlie wanted seafood, until I proceeded to tell him that NO ONE in his family ate seafood, including him, except for me, Nathan, Mike and Sam – 3 of which are all the in-laws! Anyway, we had a simple plan of salad and bread for appetizer, then BBQ Chicken, twiced baked potatoes and String Bean casserole for the main course and then miniature cheesecakes with kiwi, strawberries, and pineapple on top! So that was a great field trip to the grocery store, taking Charlie, his budget and our list – he got a real lesson on the cost of food these days! He was utterly depressed afterwards, I tried to tell him – Cooking one meal for 12 people is going to cost a lot of $$$! I think he believes me now!


Here’s the whole crew!

Anyway, here’s a little secret for you – I’ve gone completely crazy! I know to some of you, that may not sound like too much of a secret – but seriously – over the edge gone! Charlie thought it would be a good idea to glue shells to the handles of our silverware, a.k.a. fine clear plastic ware! So we were going to buy some shells and then I remembered I had a ton of them downstairs, so I began hot gluing shells on the silverware and three hours later, I finished all 12 place settings of forks, spoons and knives, I don’t know if you can see them all that well, but I should have taken a better picture of them, they turned out beautiful!


Like I said, I should have gotten better pictures, but we saved them, so hopefully they’ll show up again! But everyone of the 36 pieces were different!

So we had great fun! Here a couple more pictures for your viewing enjoyment!


This goes to show that John lost one of his eyebrows BEFORE the party started!


The Happy Coupe – Sam was suppose to be a fishing boat captain, and I was the made up role of his wife – turns out his character was a womanizer and I didn’t fit too well into that story – so it was good I spent all my time in the kitchen anyway!


The Happy Hosts! What a great time!