Holy Toledo!

I’ve been away for so long that they up and changed my whole blogging site!!! Well, pictures to come, we’re on vacation. FL was awesome! It was great to be able to spend some time with Wes and Cindy – to see Cindy in the middle of her creation room! She even showed me how to make a piece of jewelry – hopefully pictures of that soon to come as well! Now we are in Chicago – Sam headed off to his conference – he just let me know today his schedule – I think there was method to his madness – he left at 8am today and not to return until 5 or 7pm this evening…. Then tomorrow, he heads off at 8am and doesn’t come back until 11pm! So that’s so much for us getting to spend some good quality time together here!!! Oh well, but it’s been really fun! So I’ve straightened our room, right now, the cleaning lady is in, so I decided to go and visit the workout room here – I do have the car here, so I might make a little trip to the mall, but I’ll probably wait until tomorrow to do that, I could always organize our vehicle though…so many things to do….I have books, magazine and then there is always the dreaded taxes…. Count down….ugh…. Don’t remind me! But anyway, oh by the way! Congrats to Steve and Amber Ermish – had a little guy on April 7 – Noah William Ermish – 8 lbs. or so and as long as I’ve heard, everyone is doing great! So I just wanted to send a little update your way! Hopefully you’ll hear from me soon! I have no cell phone with me, but access to email and facebook, so feel free to drop me a message to remind me I’m not totally all alone in Chicago! 🙂

Now…how do you suppose I post this tricky little thingy!?!?!?!


One Response to “Holy Toledo!”

  1. YOu are so funny. Congrats to Amber. That is great!! I love the name. I went to Harrisonburg with Larry last week. It was so nice to have some time to myself, but after about 2 hours I was done with that. It was still very nice. I hope you get to explore and have some fun. Larry has been to Chicago several times. I will get him to email you a few places to tour!!

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