God is good!

John is back in the hospital – he needed fluids really desperately and he also went off the steroids cold turkey – I don’t think you are suppose to do that though…. Anyway, let me tell you really quickly how good God is… John LOVES fishing – he’s not so good at it, but he LOVES it! And so Katie’s fiance Mike is back in town and has a boat, so we all piled in there yesterday to take John fishing on the river… He’s so weak that the boys would just pick him up and put him down. We made a nice little bed for him in the front of the boat, got across the river and set him up on a fishing pole. We knew we could only be out there for a little while, because he had dr.s appts. But anyway, so I don’t think any of us really expected to catch anything, it was just the first nice day out and it was beautiful – wouldn’t you know it – after about 15 min. of fishing – John caught a pretty nice fish! He didn’t even really have the strength to reel it in, Katie had to hold the pole and he reeled! It was a keeper! God is so good – no one else caught any fish! It was perfect! Then after an hour of being in the water, we had to head out for John to make it to his appt. I guess in the meantime, 3 nurses and dr.s called Ruth and were mad that John didn’t show up to his appt.s. Whatever. I don’t think that anything they could do could even compare to the afternoon he had on the water with all of his kids! I can’t even explain it! It was so perfect! Then Sam took him to get his fluids and they ended up admitting him overnight, at least. I don’t know what today brings, but I know he’s hoping to get out of there… So that’s how that goes, he looks a lot better since he got the fluids!

So I got everyone’s msg about staying up on my blogs – I will try to do my best! For right now, it’s cold again… Tulips are starting to pop up, but no blooms on anything really – I can’t wait for some steady warm days and what we really need is rain, So a little prayers our way! Thanks!


One Response to “God is good!”

  1. Your post just made me cry. It is so hard to watch someone suffer so. I am glad you all had a good time with him. Praying for you.

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