I was recommended to start a blog on blogspot instead of this one because it would be a little easier – I’m working on it… I’ve enjoyed this one so much, but it’s a pain to have to reposition pictures and it takes so much time to upload them – so I’ve kind of started one over there, just trying to get it all set up before I take the big plunge…. I might just go ahead and post the new pictures over there since it won’t take half as long – but I just need to make a cd of the pictures off Sam’s computer and bring them to work to upload them – so you see, that process alone is quite the bear! But I haven’t forgotten about you – Beth, I’m talking to you!


2 Responses to “Considering…”

  1. I think you will like blogspot so much better. You can just put a link to this blog on your new blog. Hope all is well.

  2. cool, can’t wait!

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