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Holy Toledo!

Posted in Charity Youth Events, Life in these United States on April 9, 2008 by Sarah

I’ve been away for so long that they up and changed my whole blogging site!!! Well, pictures to come, we’re on vacation. FL was awesome! It was great to be able to spend some time with Wes and Cindy – to see Cindy in the middle of her creation room! She even showed me how to make a piece of jewelry – hopefully pictures of that soon to come as well! Now we are in Chicago – Sam headed off to his conference – he just let me know today his schedule – I think there was method to his madness – he left at 8am today and not to return until 5 or 7pm this evening…. Then tomorrow, he heads off at 8am and doesn’t come back until 11pm! So that’s so much for us getting to spend some good quality time together here!!! Oh well, but it’s been really fun! So I’ve straightened our room, right now, the cleaning lady is in, so I decided to go and visit the workout room here – I do have the car here, so I might make a little trip to the mall, but I’ll probably wait until tomorrow to do that, I could always organize our vehicle though…so many things to do….I have books, magazine and then there is always the dreaded taxes…. Count down….ugh…. Don’t remind me! But anyway, oh by the way! Congrats to Steve and Amber Ermish – had a little guy on April 7 – Noah William Ermish – 8 lbs. or so and as long as I’ve heard, everyone is doing great! So I just wanted to send a little update your way! Hopefully you’ll hear from me soon! I have no cell phone with me, but access to email and facebook, so feel free to drop me a message to remind me I’m not totally all alone in Chicago! 🙂

Now…how do you suppose I post this tricky little thingy!?!?!?!


Go ME!

Posted in Charity Youth Events, Family, Life in these United States on March 14, 2008 by Sarah

I’ve conquered technology!!! Read the blog before you watch the video though!! Have a great weekend! Maybe I can find more pictures on this disk to post, let’s see!


This would be all of us at Big Sky – you can tell that visibility was pretty low.


This would be my Confirmation Group – 8th grade girls minus 1. We decorated t-shirts a couple of weeks ago – it was a lot of fun! PS. We’re in the Youth room at our church.


This is just a great picture of the big T!


And this is just a picture of some of the Coleman boys. We went on a great walk the other night! (Johnny is missing!)

So that’s a little pictoral update on my life!

Florida bound!

Posted in Blogroll, Charity Youth Events, Family, Life in these United States, Sam's Art Opportunities on March 13, 2008 by Sarah

Well, we didn’t find a completely exotic location to vacation, but we found some decent tickets down to Orlando to visit with my brother and sister-in-law! I’m really excited to see them and spend some time with them in their home! Plus, it will be my brother’s birthday while we are there! How many exclamation marks can I use in one blog?!!!! 🙂 Sam found an amazing deal to Costa Rica – flight, hotel for 6 nights, SUV with unlimited miles and gas all for one low price of $569 per person! Unfortunately, we don’t have 6 nights for this particular vacation and we wouldn’t want to waste it! But maybe next year!!!!! HA! So Wes, if you are reading this, I will have Sam email you our itinerary – hopefully it works for you!

So this is our plan – Sam has to preach April 2nd. Then we have Small Groups and Rock Solid afterwards. Maybe we can get someone to take over. Then we head out, hopefully by 9pm and head straight to Chicago, because we have a meeting at 10am on Thursday, April 3rd. (It’s a 12-13 hour drive) We are taking our Sr. Highers to Chicago this summer on the missions trip and we have to do a Pre-trip. So this works out perfectly. We’ll meet with the Mission Organization and then catch our flight out to FL that afternoon, then we come back to Chicago on April 8th. And Sam’s Youth Conference starts on April 9, 10, and 11. Then we’ll take our time getting back home. So that’s the plan for that! Pretty exciting, huh?!

Last nigth, we had an interesting discussion in our Small Group. I’m not sure if I’ve updated you on that for a while. I started teaching 7th grade girls last year for Confirmation Small Groups. I had 6 girls. I kept the same group, so this year, they are 8th graders, and I have 12 of them. They kept coming, one or two at a time, now there are tons of them. And to tell you the truth, I had a rough year, up till a couple weeks ago and the Lord really worked on my heart. So it’s been fun, even though my group is way too large! But I have this great college student, Emily, who comes and helps me – I couldn’t do it without her, that’s for sure! God has totally blessed me with her! So anyway, last night, we were talking about sacrifices. And even more specifically, we were talking about the kinds of sacrifices parents make for their kids and they had to write thank you letters to their parents. So they were talking about how unreasonable their parents were and how they get away with lying to them. We talked about how parents might not catch you at the time, but they find out things, you’d never believe! It was great! Then we talked about how maybe their parents would never find out, but they knew they lied and God knew too and in the end it would catch up with them. I’m pretty sure they were so freaked out to ever lie to their parents! HA! Probably not, but still…it was funny! I don’t know how good of a small group leader I am trying to scare kids into submission, but it sure is fun!

Let’s see, what else is going on – this is the weekend of Sam’s big Art show – He’s still painting! We took the main show pieces over yesterday, but today he’s got to finish the live auction pieces. Tomorrow night, he’ll be painting during a big Community wide praise service. Our Music Director is leading this service that involves about 10 different churches, it should be pretty good. But then Saturday night, Sam is painting for the Quick Draw event also. So I’m pretty sure, he’ll be ready for a little break after this weekend.  Pray for him. Thanks.

Next weekend, I think everyone is coming home for Easter, not sure, but if so, that means 13 people. That is including Johnny’s girlfriend, Siri. Charlie ordered a murder mystery dinner. So he wants me to help him put that on. But I’m not exactly sure how all that is going to work out. I’ll let you know. Especially since the game is set up for 8 people and we don’t really have room for 12 people + 1 baby at our house for dinner.  Anyway, we’ll figure something out. It should be interesting!

 Well, that’s my life in a nutshell right now. Have a great weekend! Happy Spring – soon, hopefully!

The Last Ski trip of 2008!

Posted in Charity Youth Events, Life in these United States on March 5, 2008 by Sarah

Well, I still have no pictures for you – oh, but I wish I did! Well, we headed out on Friday, February 29th – Happy Birthday to Sadie, Sam’s sister, on her 28th/7th birthday! We got into Bozeman around 11pm, which was far ahead of schedule. Our coach dropped us off at the end of the driveway where we proceeded to transfer all of our belongings to the back of a pick up truck! Then all 29 of us jumped into a short bus that is suppose to hold 20 people max and we headed 3 miles up the mountain to our lodge! We couldn’t see anything at that time of night, but were we in for a suprise the next morning! Our lodge looks over the Bridger Mountain Range – absolutely breath-taking! We had a couple from church head up to Bozeman and take care of all of our food for the entire weekend. So they had breakfast ready for us and all the lunch makings out so that we could make our own lunch at the ski hill! Then when we got back at night, dinner was all ready for us. It was great. Home cooked meals the whole weekend long! Well, Saturday morning, we got up early and headed out to the mountain. It took about a hour to get over there, but it was a beautiful drive! We drove right by the Gallatin River, it was a trickling spring under piles and piles of snow! We got to the base of the mountain and everyone got their rentals and we headed up! As soon as we got situated and found our spot, we all headed out to the mountain. Almost immediately, it started snowing – it was perfect! It ended up snowing all day – nearly 8 inches in one day on top of a nearly 300 inch base anyway! It was straight powder and not too cold! It was just so beautiful. It was a bit cloudy and a little windy, but perfect on the back side of the mountain. The tram to the top was closed because of the wind, so we all hung out and it was great fun! A couple runs down the front of the mountain where it was blizzarding and couldn’t see a dang-blasted thing. We had to go across this one catwalk, and I just knew I was going to fall off of it, because I couldn’t even see the edge – everything was white! Snow was blowing up, that’s how windy it was! Luckily Sam was wearing a bright yellow and black coat and so we could see him a little! But after a couple runs down Mr. K, I was done! I checked out a couple of the hotels close to the resort and found out what I had really been missing out on! Right next door was this hotel with a beautiful elk chandelier, big ole fireplace and the most comfy leather couches! What have I been doing? Wasting my time on the mountain, when I could be snuggled down right here and reading a good book!? Well, I won’t be making that mistake again! 🙂 Ha. Just kidding! Well, the day was over and we were all pooped. We headed back on our long 1 hour drive, it was perfect timing for wind down. Plus, I had a little nap! 🙂 Perfect. We got back to Chicken Parmasean for dinner – does this day get any better?! Well, we had a game time and devotional time, it was really good. We played more games after that and headed off to bed by 11:30pm. Only to get up at 7 am to get ready for Day #2. When we got to the mountain on Sunday, it was beautiful – not much more snow, but pure powder from the day before and the sun and clouds took turns showing themselves! After lunch, we all headed up to one run and took a group picture – on the way down, one of the students biffed it and bruised his knee. Luckily, I was done for the day and took him down to the Medics office to get checked out and did a little more exploring myself. We headed back, this time to return out skis – we saw a moose, a bunch of deer, and lots of elk along the way! We got back to a delicious dinner of lasagna and chocolate cake! Yummy! This night was a great night for the small groups. Students had tons of questions and sat around asking them forever! Monday morning dawned bright and clear as we headed out of Montana for our long 10 hour drive home! It was a great trip – the Lord totally blessed us and protected us! Thanks for your prayers! Now….I’m ready for spring. We did get home to see our driveway most of the way melted, which hasn’t happened since before Christmas – and Tonto was so excited to see us. I know everytime we leave, he probably thinks we’re never coming back! But he’s a happy dog! I am completely ready for Spring now that ski season is over, but it was 7 this morning and we’re hoping to get up to 27 today! Right now at 10:58am, it’s 14. Ugh. Well, I really need to get back to work! Talk to you soon. By the way, we still haven’t found a vacation destination. You could pray that we could find somewhere…. Thanks.


Posted in Charity Youth Events, Life in these United States on February 29, 2008 by Sarah

I’m bored to death of my blog – but nothing too funny or interesting has happened and my camera doesn’t work. So….sorry. By the way, still haven’t figured out where we’re going on vacation, but on a happy note, it only took 3 weeks for my passport to come in. So that’s great! We head out at 2pm today for Big Sky. Keep us in your prayers, we don’t want any broken bones! Thanks! And Adios!

Results on the ski trip!

Posted in Charity Youth Events, Life in these United States on February 25, 2008 by Sarah

Bottineau was BEAUTIFUL this weekend! It had to of been about 35 degrees on Saturday, everyone was skiing in their sweatshirts – it was incredible! It was pretty fun too! We had a HUGE group – 65 people! Not a whole lot to say. We head out on Friday for our last ski trip of the season.  It’s so hard because it was 45 degrees yesterday – absolutely beautiful, we went on a walk, let Tonto out to run and just enjoyed the day – then we woke up today to ….. SNOW. Again. I don’t know what the accumulation will be, but it was 19 this morning on the way to work!!! I’m so ready for SPRING – I know I’ve been saying that since Christmas, but it’s true! We still haven’t found a destination for April and wondering if we should do anything and maybe save some $$ in the process. But this winter has been so hard on me. I told Sam this morning that I was just sick of putting on a coat! Sam’s Uncle does have a condo in Mazatlan that we may be able to use, but I guess it would just depend on what kind of airfare we could get down there…. Ho hum. I hate $. Anyway, on a brighter note – the mittens that Sam got me for V-day were so nice! They kept me way warmer than I needed to be! 🙂 But I loved them. Anxious to try them out in Big Sky! Well, I haven’t gotten my camera working again yet, but hopefully for Big Sky…. I have a friend that puts pictures on everything when she blogs and I just LOVE that! Thanks Rhonda – I love reading your blogs! So until next time – Adios!

Ski Trip #2

Posted in Charity Youth Events, Life in these United States on February 22, 2008 by Sarah

Well, we’ve finally reached ski trip #2. This year Sam scheduled one in January and the other two side by side in Feb. So while we are used to having them all stretched out, we’re going to Bottineau, which is a little hill – probably smaller than anything in VA. Then next weekend, we head out to Big Sky, MT. So I’ll keep you posted on how this weekend goes. We’ve got 45 4th – 6th graders. And for many of them, this is their first trip skiing, so it’s always pretty interesting! Then we have another 20 adults and siblings. So we’ve got a packed trip. We even have to bring 2 cars besides our bus! So that ought to be interesting! But for an update, Sam and I are doing so much better, even though, I know there is a lot of sickness going around. I hope everyone else starts feeling better and we have Spring soon!!!! I did hear birds chirping yesterday as I got to work, very excited about that! Not sure what the temps are today, but hoping for a mild day tomorrow. Bottineau is on the Canada/ND border, so it’s way colder up there.  Last year, it was so cold, our eye lashes froze together, even when you were wearing goggles and a facemask. You could see where everyone was breathing because there was a white frozen circle on their neck warmer where it was in front of their mouth – we are talking COOOOOld!!!!